Favorite Landmark to Visit

Bali will forever seize an exceptional place in my heart never mind, how illustrious it becomes. It’s a landing place where you will discover friendly natives, out of this world seashores and certainly, grand waves.



The Bali beach that appeals you to go to see it is not just Kuta. Subsequently, you take a trip to Bali; you should walk away from this renowned beach. We suggest that you go to Balangan Beach, which is situated less than twenty minutes to the south from Kuta. Even though the name of this coastline is somewhat unfamiliar to your ears, you will not be frustrated. A fraction of the causes for the unknown existence of this shoreline is that it is actually behind the scenes. At the same time as you can have a parallel view of the other coastlines in Bali, it is not the situation with this particular seashore.

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The Oroville Dam Crisis Explained

Everything was perfectly normal; until the most alarming and startling order was given by the public safety officials to almost 180,000 people, on February 12th, all residents living around the areas of Orville Dam in northern California were ordered to evacuate their homes and rush towards safe places. The spillway of the 770 feet tall dam had been compromised causing highly intense and a fearsome situation indicating that a 30-foot-tall water wall may pave its way into the city of Orville, causing extreme damage.


Marking global warming as the major cause of this crisis won’t be completely wrong! Intense climate shift, drought, and damaged infrastructure- this catastrophic situation at Oroville dam is a combination of all.


California has long been waiting for rain as it has suffered with long lasting drought. This season, the weather has taken some crazy turns, and California had to suffer a massive rainfalls and snow storms, bringing a bad notion for the Oroville dam.

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Glacier National Park

Everyone has heard of glacier national park, the great lakes and mountains of northern Montana. This part of the country is truly a beauty. It truly is, if you haven’t visited this area in the US- you are truly missing out on some extraordinary mother nature exhibits. Without a doubt, the area surrounding Glacier National Park is an amazing piece of land. It is hard to think of a more beautiful park that has what G.N.P has to offer.




All four seasons are great times to visit. Many people may think of different activities to do while visiting the area. Depending on the current season, there are multiple different things to do. Of the many different options; sight seeing, hiking, canoeing, snowmobiling, rafting, and exploring seem to be the most popular. There are many other things to do in or around Glacier National Park, but many consist with being outdoor activities. If you don’t like the outdoors- it’s probably not a good idea to visit the surrounding area of G.N.P.

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Discovering How To Care For the Earth

Around the beginning of the semester, my environmental science class participated in

an activity where we each discover our own “Ecological Footprint.” An Ecological Footprint

is an amount of how much of a toll a human’s demands take a toll on the Earth’s ecosystem. It

also measure how many Earth’s it takes to support the lifestyle of human’s ecological

footprint. The assignment was to participate in an activity where it would provide an estimate

of each of our ecological footprint and provided the amount of productive areas in which our

human demands take away from. You can test out your ecological footprint here: http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/calculators/


When I first participated in this activity, the amount of land it took to provide for my

demands was twenty three and six-tenths acres of land. The majority of the necessary land to

meet my demands is land that is used to make energy. The majority of my ecological footprint

consisted of food needs, and services. If everyone on Earth wanted to live the lifestyle that I

did, there would need to be five and a third Earth’s to provide for all the necessary resources.

I was ashamed of how much I was taking from Mother Earth every day. To change my

habits, I decided to try to cut down my ecological footprint and change some of my habits and

decisions that I have been making. Since most of my ecological footprint consisted of food

needs and services, I looked for ways to cut back on what I do in life and decided that I wanted

to make the smarter decisions that will help the environment.

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Environmentally Consciosus

This world today is seemingly getting crazier and more hectic by the day. A lot of it for bad reasons, some of it for good. Due to the hype around politics and a lot of news unfurling day in and day out, people seem to be waking up and starting to think about the world as being bigger than just their life. One of the topics that has thankfully come up has been what to do about these looming environmental disasters. Both natural and human caused. One of the main conversations has been though, what do we do about these large corporations using oil, mining coal, and being dirty about their waste. Thankfully, preparations and proposals are being put forth by the common people to try and come together for a solution to make this planet a little more prepared for what the future holds.

A more environmentally conscious mass of people are learning about what to do to help clean this environment. Part of what we are practicing everyday is the public shaming of anyone who is affecting the environment. This goes for people who litter, or even simply using an excessive amount of resources unnecessarily, such as water in California.

With people starting to think about a cleaner world, they are also considering figuring out what they can do to ensure that they are staying clean too. People care more about healthy lifestyles, and knowing how to have that is becoming more and more common knowledge. At a recent lunch I had with my brother-in-law, he was telling me about the uptick in activity in his pool business, poolserviceswalnutcreek.com. After talking with many people, thanks to the internet, they are learning about just all of the stuff that can get into their pool without them knowing and making them sick. Nowadays, people can not afford to get sick.With everyone worrying about their own health, nobody wants to be around a sick person, and nobody wants to become one. So if you become sick, or your child does, you could be missing out on income, which is something people today can not handle, understandably so.


cleaning house


Having a clean home, cleaning working environment, and an overall clean and healthy lifestyle can take a lot of work. But, as we continue to progress with this technological age that we are currently locked in, things should get easier, and we should be able to be a healthier and longer lasting species. With the right minds coming together to create inventions and projects that will progress humanity, naturally people are going to become smarter. The internet has allowed us all to pick up a vast amount of knowledge that covers many subjects, and everyone is starting to learn about different ideas than just the ones that are taught in school. People are learning to understand what role this planet plays for us, and people like me are wanting to learn how we can repay it. The major way to start with, is to stay away from the things that destroy it.

Something that is very hard in this world, is to knowingly avoid using products that damage the environment, and one of the biggest and hardest to change are all of these oil powered engines that we love. Electric cars are certainly making gas powered cars have a run for their money, but it will not be mainstream for the meantime. To combat this, try to carpool with someone else when at all possible, and if you are going out, try to use public transportation and plan around that. That way you save money, do not lose too much time, and are helping the environment.electric cars

Another way to help reduce what kind of role you are having that is affecting the environment is to minimize your use of electricity. Simply doing things as turning the lights off when you leave a room can certainly have a huge ripple effect on how much coal is being burned to produce electricity.

Finally, the last piece of advice, and the hardest to change is to start learning about the companies who create your food and water, and who bring it to you. Learn what is being put into all the food you are eating, and how it was made, or grown. A lot of these big companies have so much power that they are putting the cheapest products they can find and changing the natural chemicals that these foods have. This is certainly ruining the way all of us interact, and it definitely is taking a step against a beautiful planet. These big farms are ruining the forests and landscapes that we had, and using them to create fuel or cheap food.


Jump on the bandwagon and start to talk about what is going on in the environment and how we can all change our attitudes and start to change what we can.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane is inevitable.  Every year thousands of people are affected by the terrible effects of the aftermath of hurricanes.  If you live in the south, especially Florida you will experience more than one hurricane.  All my friends from Florida claim hurricanes to be the worst and best natural disaster taking storm.  A lot of my friends say it’s “fun” when there’s hurricanes because they just throw hurricane parties.  According to them hurricane parties are the shit.  Every year hurricanes come through Florida and take over the city.  Internet, lighting, and power is knocked out resulting in weeks of repair.  Essentially when hurricanes are going on there’s a lot of dead time for kids so they throw parties.
Maybe it’s the same for kids in Minnesota when snow storms take over cities.  When the power goes out for people it takes days possibly even weeks to fix the damage of the storm.  In that timeframe a lot of people take work off because it’s unsafe to drive on the roads.  Going to the beach is a joke as it can kill you, so the only place to stay safe is your house or apartment.  It is said,apartment buildings pose as the safest place to stay for protecting yourself against storms, and especially hurricanes.

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The Great Lake Glaciers

The Midwest, some of the most majestic states in the US stretch across the middle of the country from the west to east coast.  There aren’t many more beautiful places in the world than the Great Lakes.  It’s amazing how the five Great Lakes; Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario collectively make up the biggest source of freshwater on earth.  These oceans of water surrounding Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio produce some of the best winter ice for snowmobiling and, in the summer, the best water for sailing.  Don’t jump in the water in your drawers this summer if you’re not from the Midwest the water is very cold!  Nowadays, you’ll often see boats traveling from the tip of the Michigan/ Canadian border to Chicago by way of Lake Michigan to transport many goods. In fact, even tourists can travel from the tip of Michigan to Chicago on boat, it could take an entire week sometimes.
great lakes ice
Many people that often visit the Great Lakes don’t realize what the Great Lakes were just shortly ago in the ice age.  It seems to be a strange idea, but in fact the Great Lakes were towering glaciers carving away the land. When the weather started to warm up the ice melted and the water in the lakes remained.  This is a troubling feat upon thought.  This in fact means when the next ice age comes, which may be around the corner for all we know, all the Great Lakes will be consisted of primarily glaciers.  This is troubling because land masses will change and water once warmed will go from liquid to solid making it in fact useless.
Climate change is real, and it is continuously occurring.  The world must not become so dependent on fossil fuel emissions and more dependable on clean reliable, reusable energy.  Some forms of clean energy are geothermal, solar, wind, tide, and wave. The sad part about all this, is that the world’s largest companies and world power could use these clean sources if it wants.  The biggest roadblock is that ruling elite control and manipulate their energy monopolies for economic profit, and they don’t seem to back down their special interests in oil and gas.  In the system’s eyes it’s all about scarcity. The more scarce resources are, the higher the price of the product is.  But profit is never what’s good for the environment.  With the Great Lakes being a prime example, we must manage our planet intelligently so that we can live and prosper the way humans should.
There really isn’t much an individual can do for protecting the climate change and, more specifically, preserving the Great Lakes.  The biggest impact we can do is to simply boycott oil and gas based machines. It’s very difficult to do of course but must be done.  It’s good there isn’t much life under water in the Great Lakes or else glaciers would totally destroy.  Drastic change is what’s needed, it will take a collective effort to educate everyone on the risks they are amplifying by using fossil fuel emission based machines.  It’s time for us all to pitch in and change.

The Yellowstone Fear

A few weeks ago, I had a class where volcanoes were the primary topic. There was a lot of

discussion that rather scared me more than intrigued. I remember in class professor Hilton saying,

the Yellowstone volcano is due for an eruption soon and when it erupts it will be a civilization

ending event. It’s a little hard to have a good rest of your day when you hear that kind of news.


I decided to find an article on the subject to review. Wired.com is an incredible website with a plethora of different blogs, articles, and

videos on anything and everything. When I saw the article on the website titled “Chill. Yellowstone’s Volcano Isn’t About to Destroy Us All”

Yellowstone’s volcano isn’t about to destroy us all.” I knew it was the perfect article for me to


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When People are not Prepared

When people are not aware of the Earth’s effects on their current landscape, they put their lives, and their loved ones lives at risk. There are many areas around the world that are under the constant change due to the Earth’s movements and pressure inside the core of the Earth. The surface of the land is under constant change, and the civilians who live on the surface are under grave threats if they do not pay attention.

Over the last decade, there have been many natural disasters that the public was warned about, but failed to care, or take action to avoid these disasters. Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Volcanoes can all pose a threat to the lives of humans, but many people aren’t aware of the looming natural disasters that surround them.

We have many scientists in the world that specialize in predicting or knowing when these disasters are about to strike. But, right before the natural disaster hits, many people don’t believe, don’t react, or actually never hear about it.

Just over the recent years, the list of natural disasters where the death toll could have been dramatically lower if people took action and avoided it. Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the Tohoko Earthquake and Tsunami, and looking ahead, those near the San Bernandino fault line and the Cascadia subduction zone poses a real threat.

Being a United States civilian, I saw for the first true time in my life the true devastation that these natural disasters posed to human populations when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and damaged much of the surrounding cities.

Before Hurricane Katrina hit, there were tropical storm warnings sent out to the civilians, and people were aware that there was a possible threat. But, living in a tropical storm zone, longtime residents heard the warning, and may have not considered their life in peril. And while the warnings continued, the threat grew bigger. The hurricane hits, and over a thousand people die from wave impact, drowning, or disease from the water settling in the town and mixing with all the grit and grime around.

After the damage happened, many houses were ruined, business were destroyed, and the city was in chaos. Animals were swimming in the water, rats were everywhere, and it was all hectic! My friend who lived in Louisiana at the time and a pest control specialist, said that he was working 16 hour days to help people on the outskirts of the storm get rid of the thousands of rodents that migrated away from the destruction in search of new homes. These rats and mice that fled were filled with disease, and spread it all over Louisiana, the situation was disastrous.

The point I want to drill home for those of you reading are to pay attention when there is a natural disaster warning. When they give a warning, it is not something that should be brushed off. Luckily, in this day and age, people have access to do a tremendous amount of research in such a short amount and figure out if it really could affect their lives. The human life is more sacred than people give credence too, and people should do all they can to protect themselves.

When someone hands you warning, prepare accordingly from now on. Do you research and find out what the real deal is. Stay tuned for some more disaster talk in the coming days.

The Rising Sea Levels

Sea levels are indeed rising. You may have heard this when people are talking about global warming, the depletion of the ozone, or maybe from a program that talks about the current condition of the environment. Well let me tell you, this could have a dramatic effect on the condition and the habitability of the planet, and more people need to be aware.

There are two primary things that cause the oceans water level to rise up:

The first one, is thermal expansion. When the planet heats up, the ocean’s water warms up. When water warms, it’s chemical properties cause the molecules of water to expand. In basic terms, this means that when water heats up, the area the water takes up increases. So if the an entire ocean of water’s temperature increases, the whole ocean will continue to rise up.

The second reason the sea levels are rising is due to the melting of ice, particularly glaciers in sea or on the surface of the water. When water is in frozen form, it takes up less area. Also, when the amount of glacier surface area that was above the water falls below, there is an increase to the water supply in the ocean, again, causing the sea level to rise. Continue reading “The Rising Sea Levels”