The Yellowstone Fear

A few weeks ago, I had a class where volcanoes were the primary topic. There was a lot of

discussion that rather scared me more than intrigued. I remember in class professor Hilton saying,

the Yellowstone volcano is due for an eruption soon and when it erupts it will be a civilization

ending event. It’s a little hard to have a good rest of your day when you hear that kind of news.


I decided to find an article on the subject to review. is an incredible website with a plethora of different blogs, articles, and

videos on anything and everything. When I saw the article on the website titled “Chill. Yellowstone’s Volcano Isn’t About to Destroy Us All”

Yellowstone’s volcano isn’t about to destroy us all.” I knew it was the perfect article for me to


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When People are not Prepared

When people are not aware of the Earth’s effects on their current landscape, they put their lives, and their loved ones lives at risk. There are many areas around the world that are under the constant change due to the Earth’s movements and pressure inside the core of the Earth. The surface of the land is under constant change, and the civilians who live on the surface are under grave threats if they do not pay attention.

Over the last decade, there have been many natural disasters that the public was warned about, but failed to care, or take action to avoid these disasters. Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Volcanoes can all pose a threat to the lives of humans, but many people aren’t aware of the looming natural disasters that surround them.

We have many scientists in the world that specialize in predicting or knowing when these disasters are about to strike. But, right before the natural disaster hits, many people don’t believe, don’t react, or actually never hear about it.

Just over the recent years, the list of natural disasters where the death toll could have been dramatically lower if people took action and avoided it. Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the Tohoko Earthquake and Tsunami, and looking ahead, those near the San Bernandino fault line and the Cascadia subduction zone poses a real threat.

Being a United States civilian, I saw for the first true time in my life the true devastation that these natural disasters posed to human populations when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and damaged much of the surrounding cities.

Before Hurricane Katrina hit, there were tropical storm warnings sent out to the civilians, and people were aware that there was a possible threat. But, living in a tropical storm zone, longtime residents heard the warning, and may have not considered their life in peril. And while the warnings continued, the threat grew bigger. The hurricane hits, and over a thousand people die from wave impact, drowning, or disease from the water settling in the town and mixing with all the grit and grime around.

After the damage happened, many houses were ruined, business were destroyed, and the city was in chaos. Animals were swimming in the water, rats were everywhere, and it was all hectic! My friend who lived in Louisiana at the time and a pest control specialist, said that he was working 16 hour days to help people on the outskirts of the storm get rid of the thousands of rodents that migrated away from the destruction in search of new homes. These rats and mice that fled were filled with disease, and spread it all over Louisiana, the situation was disastrous.

The point I want to drill home for those of you reading are to pay attention when there is a natural disaster warning. When they give a warning, it is not something that should be brushed off. Luckily, in this day and age, people have access to do a tremendous amount of research in such a short amount and figure out if it really could affect their lives. The human life is more sacred than people give credence too, and people should do all they can to protect themselves.

When someone hands you warning, prepare accordingly from now on. Do you research and find out what the real deal is. Stay tuned for some more disaster talk in the coming days.

The Rising Sea Levels

Sea levels are indeed rising. You may have heard this when people are talking about global warming, the depletion of the ozone, or maybe from a program that talks about the current condition of the environment. Well let me tell you, this could have a dramatic effect on the condition and the habitability of the planet, and more people need to be aware.

There are two primary things that cause the oceans water level to rise up:

The first one, is thermal expansion. When the planet heats up, the ocean’s water warms up. When water warms, it’s chemical properties cause the molecules of water to expand. In basic terms, this means that when water heats up, the area the water takes up increases. So if the an entire ocean of water’s temperature increases, the whole ocean will continue to rise up.

The second reason the sea levels are rising is due to the melting of ice, particularly glaciers in sea or on the surface of the water. When water is in frozen form, it takes up less area. Also, when the amount of glacier surface area that was above the water falls below, there is an increase to the water supply in the ocean, again, causing the sea level to rise. Continue reading “The Rising Sea Levels”

When the San Andreas fault moves, is it really going to be terrible?

Particularly, there has been a lot of chitter chatter about the San Andreas fault line lately. A Hollywood blockbuster film was released last year that depicted catastrophic events happening in downtown Los Angeles. We are talking skyscrapers falling, fires blazing, and 100+ plus foot waves that are crashing into cities. If you haven’t seen the movie, much of the of the action includes footage like another blockbuster film 2012. Here’s a trailer if you need some visualization.

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Future Mega Catastrophe Looming

Ever wonder about future earth ending catastrophes?  Well wondering is a good sign because there is a serious mega-active volcano currently overdue for eruption and nobody seems to be worried about it.  Very little is talked about on the news. Nobody has prepared, because nobody thinks it will happen in their lifetime. But if it does, what are the consequences.
Yes, you read correctly.  In the United States more specifically Wyoming, USA has an active volcano ready to erupt.  In fact the magma that could erupt from Yellowstone is collectively the size of the whole state of Wyoming.  The problem isn’t about the eruption the problem is NO ONE is talking about it or preparing!
Apparently every 600,000 years the volcano at Yellowstone erupts and when it does the entire planet will not survive.  The last eruption was over 600,000 years ago…it’s a little over due.  When the Yellowstone volcano erupts it could be a civilization ending event.  The entire sky will be full of ash for 2 or 3 years, in effect it will be total crop failure, the world will starve to death.

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Welcome to Lakes of Southern Crossing

This website will be dedicated to the discussion of Earth’s massive forces. In particular, we will be talking about past natural disasters and forces that have shaped the the Earth, and will predicting the initial upcoming disasters and shapely movements that mother nature bestows. It’ll be a crazy ride on this planet in the coming years, join us at Lakes of Southern Crossing for the discussion.