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This website will be dedicated to the discussion of Earth’s massive forces. In particular, we will be talking about past natural disasters and forces that have shaped the the Earth, and will predicting the initial upcoming disasters and shapely movements that mother nature bestows. It’ll be a crazy ride on this planet in the coming years, join us at Lakes of Southern Crossing for the discussion.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Lakes of Southern Crossing

  1. Wow what a way to describe a website! You guys should include topics about what the earth would look like in the future. If you could paint a picture with a elaborate description of what the planet will look like if we keep progressing the way were moving along. The site is very educational about the earth’s natural being and definitely brings awareness to looming events that can and will destroy what is left of the earth. From the beginning of time people have talked about people being the sole responsibility for destroying the beautiful planet we call earth. Currently the way were using cars, pollution and smog is only going to get worse. If you look at countries like India and China you will see what the US will look like in the future. India and China have the highest pollution because they have the most car pollution and the most people. It’s a scary picture at what could come for the US, definitely something to look at closely in the future.

  2. I feel like everyone should read from this website and soak in the information gained from the wealth of knowledge. Of course the few are never going to want the majority people knowing about any of these natural disasters as that play out in the future. Not much is said on the polar regions which I find to be the most interesting and important regions on our planet. Without people knowing about this event a lot of damage may be th result and dying off as a civilization may result.

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