The Rising Sea Levels

Sea levels are indeed rising. You may have heard this when people are talking about global warming, the depletion of the ozone, or maybe from a program that talks about the current condition of the environment. Well let me tell you, this could have a dramatic effect on the condition and the habitability of the planet, and more people need to be aware.

There are two primary things that cause the oceans water level to rise up:

The first one, is thermal expansion. When the planet heats up, the ocean’s water warms up. When water warms, it’s chemical properties cause the molecules of water to expand. In basic terms, this means that when water heats up, the area the water takes up increases. So if the an entire ocean of water’s temperature increases, the whole ocean will continue to rise up.

The second reason the sea levels are rising is due to the melting of ice, particularly glaciers in sea or on the surface of the water. When water is in frozen form, it takes up less area. Also, when the amount of glacier surface area that was above the water falls below, there is an increase to the water supply in the ocean, again, causing the sea level to rise.

The Business Insider did a fantastic article on the dangers that will face society, and the entire population of the earth if the sea levels continue to rise. And it’s safe to say, the whole world will be affected if we don’t figure out how to stop it.

If we don’t stop the sea levels from rising:

Our drinking water is going to be contaminated. Rising saltwater could cover more current land surface area, and, in effect, seep into the ground and mix with our freshwater supply.

Farming industries are going to be affected. Many farmers use irrigation techniques and wells to get the water they need to tend to their crops and feed their animals. If the oceans rise more, the aquifers underground could become contaminated with salt water, which would kill their plants.

The whole economy will feel it. With the ocean rising, land will disappear. If land is disappearing, people will lose their properties that they own near the beach. Coastline real estate owners will greatly be affected as well as business owners, and tourists, who will no longer get to attend the beaches that they dreamed of.

People will have to relocate, which could lead to cities becoming even more overly populated. Those people that are leaving their coastal habitat will move inland to cities that already likely have many citizens. How are people in already big cities going to feel when thousands of more people are moving in to flee their disappearing homes.

Floods could greatly affect towns and they could become much more commonplace.

But what is causing this dramatic change to the rising sea levels? It’s us.

We humans are so stupid that we are are gutting our planet for the profits of a few at a detrimental effect to many. We are sucking up oil and mining coal from the ground, and then we thought it would be a great idea to burn this stuff. Well, it just so happens that in doing so, we are tearing apart the ozone layer. The ozone is what protects Earth’s inhabitants from being burned by the sun. But now, because of the chemicals rising into the air, it is being destroyed, and there are no actually open parts in the ozone, which is allowing the sun to heat the Earth up at a rate never seen before in the history of the planet. Also, by over-cutting the tropical rain forests near the equator, we are taking out a pivotal component of the planet that reproduces oxygen for us, and uses carbon dioxide. Now, carbon dioxide is increasing, oxygen levels are decreasing, and we are in danger.

The floodplains are rising, and the cities near the coast are in danger. We need to join forces and let our citizens know what they are doing. Public awareness needs to be spread, big oil and deforestation companies need to be eliminated, and we need to move towards a more progressive mindset to protect the well-being of our future generations. Without doing so, the human race is pushing themselves to the brinks of extinction. Why are we messing with that? Stay tuned for more!

2 thoughts on “The Rising Sea Levels

  1. I’m not religious and I don’t know of you are but I heard awhile ago that in the bible it says, “the hand of man will destroy the earth not an outside source.” Something along those lines it said that people will be the killers of the planet. In specific terms of the United States the sea level will destroy the whole west coast and south of the states. This type of event would be in the long term future of course. You also didn’t explain how in some parts of south east asia the population lives and dies by the natural water source that it has. I read not too long there making some law in the Netherlands making it illegal to drive a non electrical car in the country by 2021 I think. There is no other reason for this law other than the simple fact the Netherlands is below ocean seal levels significantly. I think that is extremely intelligent. If only other countries in the world could think like the Dutch maybe we could save the planet. I’m not sure how the future is looking though for this type of intelligence to pop up in DC.

  2. Wow I literally just was lectured all semester in my science class about this shit. It’s a horrible fate for California though. If ocean sea levels kept rising in the future for years to come I’d be afraid the whole California agriculture industry would be hit hard and many people would be forced to retreat to in-land states like Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, etc. Not to mention temperatures would be rising through the course history significantly causing glaciers to melt and sea level to destroy coastlines everywhere. Of course animals in the polar regions would become extinct and die off. The day when this is a reality can be fixed easily in the world, the world has the money and resources to use safe, abundant, reliable, efficient ways to live life, Instead of scare, specialized, corrupt ways of living life, in specifics this mantra of money over people.

    It also seems like it would boring being paranoid about the next event that could naturally destroy your residence. I remember going to Wyoming asking people what they thought about the active volcano down the street. Many of the residents seemed happy and didn’t care too much about that event. I got this weird “oh if it erupts no big deal” attitude from many of the people that lived there.

    Sea levels rising is 100% able to be fixed if wanted to. Without the few at the top remaining there, there will always be a way to profit and corrupt the world. Money over people has to change. Especially when it harms the world. Money over world health should never be questioned or corrupted at all. Politicians don’t do anything for any one. This sea level rising kind of event should be at the top of the agenda. Politicians that don’t care or believe in global warming make me sick to my stomach, Its important to keep people educated and aware about this event.

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