When People are not Prepared

When people are not aware of the Earth’s effects on their current landscape, they put their lives, and their loved ones lives at risk. There are many areas around the world that are under the constant change due to the Earth’s movements and pressure inside the core of the Earth. The surface of the land is under constant change, and the civilians who live on the surface are under grave threats if they do not pay attention.

Over the last decade, there have been many natural disasters that the public was warned about, but failed to care, or take action to avoid these disasters. Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Volcanoes can all pose a threat to the lives of humans, but many people aren’t aware of the looming natural disasters that surround them.

We have many scientists in the world that specialize in predicting or knowing when these disasters are about to strike. But, right before the natural disaster hits, many people don’t believe, don’t react, or actually never hear about it.

Just over the recent years, the list of natural disasters where the death toll could have been dramatically lower if people took action and avoided it. Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the Tohoko Earthquake and Tsunami, and looking ahead, those near the San Bernandino fault line and the Cascadia subduction zone poses a real threat.

Being a United States civilian, I saw for the first true time in my life the true devastation that these natural disasters posed to human populations when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and damaged much of the surrounding cities.

Before Hurricane Katrina hit, there were tropical storm warnings sent out to the civilians, and people were aware that there was a possible threat. But, living in a tropical storm zone, longtime residents heard the warning, and may have not considered their life in peril. And while the warnings continued, the threat grew bigger. The hurricane hits, and over a thousand people die from wave impact, drowning, or disease from the water settling in the town and mixing with all the grit and grime around.

After the damage happened, many houses were ruined, business were destroyed, and the city was in chaos. Animals were swimming in the water, rats were everywhere, and it was all hectic! My friend who lived in Louisiana at the time and a pest control specialist, said that he was working 16 hour days to help people on the outskirts of the storm get rid of the thousands of rodents that migrated away from the destruction in search of new homes. These rats and mice that fled were filled with disease, and spread it all over Louisiana, the situation was disastrous.

The point I want to drill home for those of you reading are to pay attention when there is a natural disaster warning. When they give a warning, it is not something that should be brushed off. Luckily, in this day and age, people have access to do a tremendous amount of research in such a short amount and figure out if it really could affect their lives. The human life is more sacred than people give credence too, and people should do all they can to protect themselves.

When someone hands you warning, prepare accordingly from now on. Do you research and find out what the real deal is. Stay tuned for some more disaster talk in the coming days.

3 thoughts on “When People are not Prepared

  1. The crazy thing about some of these natural disasters is that they really aren’t that predictable at all, there natural! Many scientists may claim to know everything about the earth but no one can specifically nail a time and day when shit hits the fan. The sad thing about natural disasters is the poor population gets crushed. Think about it even if poor people in New Orleans knew about hurricane Katrina before it hit they still wouldn’t be able to do much at all. There are many looming natural disasters in the country and abroad but there is very little be done unless you have a barricade or millions of dollars to travel and set up a civilization. It’s a very sad fate to think of but no much to be done.

    1. But in fact, their are natural disaster scientists who at least are able to forewarn people of the natural disasters that will strike in the near future. And with Katrina, the people were actually warned days in advance of the threat, but many shrugged it off feeling skeptical of what would actually occur. Thanks for your comment Nick

  2. Hahahaha not many people think of the bugs and animals harmed in these natural disaster situations. Must be terrible having to deal with a disaster of pests and animals harmed in the whole ordeal. The amount of natural disaster damage though far out weighs any termite problem or pest issue that comes up in the whole fiasco. The scariest thing is the active volcanoes in the world that still pose a civilization ending event. Not everyone even knows about that active volcano in Wyoming at Yellowstone National Park. People would much rather learn about Kim and Kanye’s newest kid. Brainwashed with bullshit and no real world practical skills to help prosper the world.

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