The Yellowstone Fear

A few weeks ago, I had a class where volcanoes were the primary topic. There was a lot of

discussion that rather scared me more than intrigued. I remember in class professor Hilton saying,

the Yellowstone volcano is due for an eruption soon and when it erupts it will be a civilization

ending event. It’s a little hard to have a good rest of your day when you hear that kind of news.


I decided to find an article on the subject to review. is an incredible website with a plethora of different blogs, articles, and

videos on anything and everything. When I saw the article on the website titled “Chill. Yellowstone’s Volcano Isn’t About to Destroy Us All”

Yellowstone’s volcano isn’t about to destroy us all.” I knew it was the perfect article for me to


Throughout the whole article it diffuses the notion that people should be seriously

concerned with the looming eruption talked about frequently by media. In the article the

author, Erik Klemetti, explains the only reliable source to listen to when it comes to this

potential catastrophe is the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, not some silly news network like CNN

or Fox. Of course there is discussion of a potential eruption that will occur, but according to

him not likely within this century. He further adds that there is a lot of magma underneath the

volcano, but according to a study in the article it appears the magma is less eruptible.

From the top of the article to the bottom he points out common claims people and the

media make about the eruption. The biggest claim mentioned in the article is that the

Yellowstone volcano will erupt within the next 70 years. Erik tells the reader not to be scared

because there is no reliable evidence from anywhere including the only source to listen to,

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, that a major eruption will occur within the next 70 years.

Reading these statements disproved made me feel a lot better about the prospect of a

civilization ending event happening in my lifetime.


In the closing of the article he gives the only suggestion we can really take seriously as a country to

ensure safety. Obviously being prepared is the most important notion, but, he explains precisely how we can.

He insists that the country needs to invest a lot of money into monitoring infrastructures so

that experts can easily pinpoint where and when the eruption will unfold.


The significance of this is amazingly terrifying that there is no such technology today

that can help us with this kind of problem. I would think that at least some sort of science or

technology would have been created for this purpose but apparently not. When the eruption occurs there is

very little that can be done unless you’re prepared with an endless supply of food, water, and

clothes for essentially 2 years.

The takeaway from the article is to not be as worried as many are that

an eruption that can end civilization like Yellowstone’s volcano is something that will occur in the near future. The media wants us to

believe certainly things because we are manipulated and controlled by media but science

without evidence or proof is just jargon.




Erik Klemetti. “Chill. Yellowstone’s Volcano isn’t About to Destroy Us All.”

26 April 2016

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