The Great Lake Glaciers

The Midwest, some of the most majestic states in the US stretch across the middle of the country from the west to east coast.  There aren’t many more beautiful places in the world than the Great Lakes.  It’s amazing how the five Great Lakes; Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario collectively make up the biggest source of freshwater on earth.  These oceans of water surrounding Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio produce some of the best winter ice for snowmobiling and, in the summer, the best water for sailing.  Don’t jump in the water in your drawers this summer if you’re not from the Midwest the water is very cold!  Nowadays, you’ll often see boats traveling from the tip of the Michigan/ Canadian border to Chicago by way of Lake Michigan to transport many goods. In fact, even tourists can travel from the tip of Michigan to Chicago on boat, it could take an entire week sometimes.
great lakes ice
Many people that often visit the Great Lakes don’t realize what the Great Lakes were just shortly ago in the ice age.  It seems to be a strange idea, but in fact the Great Lakes were towering glaciers carving away the land. When the weather started to warm up the ice melted and the water in the lakes remained.  This is a troubling feat upon thought.  This in fact means when the next ice age comes, which may be around the corner for all we know, all the Great Lakes will be consisted of primarily glaciers.  This is troubling because land masses will change and water once warmed will go from liquid to solid making it in fact useless.
Climate change is real, and it is continuously occurring.  The world must not become so dependent on fossil fuel emissions and more dependable on clean reliable, reusable energy.  Some forms of clean energy are geothermal, solar, wind, tide, and wave. The sad part about all this, is that the world’s largest companies and world power could use these clean sources if it wants.  The biggest roadblock is that ruling elite control and manipulate their energy monopolies for economic profit, and they don’t seem to back down their special interests in oil and gas.  In the system’s eyes it’s all about scarcity. The more scarce resources are, the higher the price of the product is.  But profit is never what’s good for the environment.  With the Great Lakes being a prime example, we must manage our planet intelligently so that we can live and prosper the way humans should.
There really isn’t much an individual can do for protecting the climate change and, more specifically, preserving the Great Lakes.  The biggest impact we can do is to simply boycott oil and gas based machines. It’s very difficult to do of course but must be done.  It’s good there isn’t much life under water in the Great Lakes or else glaciers would totally destroy.  Drastic change is what’s needed, it will take a collective effort to educate everyone on the risks they are amplifying by using fossil fuel emission based machines.  It’s time for us all to pitch in and change.

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