Hurricane Season

Hurricane is inevitable.  Every year thousands of people are affected by the terrible effects of the aftermath of hurricanes.  If you live in the south, especially Florida you will experience more than one hurricane.  All my friends from Florida claim hurricanes to be the worst and best natural disaster taking storm.  A lot of my friends say it’s “fun” when there’s hurricanes because they just throw hurricane parties.  According to them hurricane parties are the shit.  Every year hurricanes come through Florida and take over the city.  Internet, lighting, and power is knocked out resulting in weeks of repair.  Essentially when hurricanes are going on there’s a lot of dead time for kids so they throw parties.
Maybe it’s the same for kids in Minnesota when snow storms take over cities.  When the power goes out for people it takes days possibly even weeks to fix the damage of the storm.  In that timeframe a lot of people take work off because it’s unsafe to drive on the roads.  Going to the beach is a joke as it can kill you, so the only place to stay safe is your house or apartment.  It is said,apartment buildings pose as the safest place to stay for protecting yourself against storms, and especially hurricanes.

Whether you like it or not, hurricanes cause destruction beyond belief.  People fail to remember that violent hurricanes are named.  Hurricane Katrina caused massive amounts of destruction, killing people, displacing people of their homes, ruining everything they had, and throwing up on cities.  The city of New Orleans was hit hard during that tragedy.  If you were poor everything from you was stripped.  Some people were privileged enough to escape and see another day.
Hurricane season is typically in the winter time.  Hurricanes realistically can occur whenever but are more common during stormy weather.  I’m not a hurricane expert, but when winter comes with storms hurricanes are a lot more scary.  Typically, there’s a very distinct image of a hurricane when you see it on the news channel.  A swirl of circular clouds form the picture of what a hurricane looks like from space.  It is interesting what space satellites can do for hurricane protection.
Most of the time, people living in the south closest to the ocean have basements built in there homes.  It is probably the best safety precaution to make when having to battle hurricanes.  Having the safety net of a basement to retreat to in case of a hurricane emergency can make the difference.  Chances are if you don’t have a basement or hurricane insurance to protect yourself you’re screwed when disasters emerge.  I highly advise everyone in the south to invest in hurricane insurance so there property is bullet proof.
A better solution to having beautiful beaches and no hurricanes is simply moving to California.  California contains some of the best beaches in the country while virtually never having a catastrophic hurricane.  California is the best option for you, although the the water may be colder.  Also, imagine swimming in water without alligators.  Swamps all over Florida are filled with these man eating beasts.  In all honesty it’s best to avoid living near hurricane prone areas and states.  The west coast seems to be the best coast.

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