The Oroville Dam Crisis Explained

Everything was perfectly normal; until the most alarming and startling order was given by the public safety officials to almost 180,000 people, on February 12th, all residents living around the areas of Orville Dam in northern California were ordered to evacuate their homes and rush towards safe places. The spillway of the 770 feet tall dam had been compromised causing highly intense and a fearsome situation indicating that a 30-foot-tall water wall may pave its way into the city of Orville, causing extreme damage.


Marking global warming as the major cause of this crisis won’t be completely wrong! Intense climate shift, drought, and damaged infrastructure- this catastrophic situation at Oroville dam is a combination of all.


California has long been waiting for rain as it has suffered with long lasting drought. This season, the weather has taken some crazy turns, and California had to suffer a massive rainfalls and snow storms, bringing a bad notion for the Oroville dam.

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