When the San Andreas fault moves, is it really going to be terrible?

Particularly, there has been a lot of chitter chatter about the San Andreas fault line lately. A Hollywood blockbuster film was released last year that depicted catastrophic events happening in downtown Los Angeles. We are talking skyscrapers falling, fires blazing, and 100+ plus foot waves that are crashing into cities. If you haven’t seen the movie, much of the of the action includes footage like another blockbuster film 2012. Here’s a trailer if you need some visualization.

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Future Mega Catastrophe Looming

Ever wonder about future earth ending catastrophes?  Well wondering is a good sign because there is a serious mega-active volcano currently overdue for eruption and nobody seems to be worried about it.  Very little is talked about on the news. Nobody has prepared, because nobody thinks it will happen in their lifetime. But if it does, what are the consequences.
Yes, you read correctly.  In the United States more specifically Wyoming, USA has an active volcano ready to erupt.  In fact the magma that could erupt from Yellowstone is collectively the size of the whole state of Wyoming.  The problem isn’t about the eruption the problem is NO ONE is talking about it or preparing!
Apparently every 600,000 years the volcano at Yellowstone erupts and when it does the entire planet will not survive.  The last eruption was over 600,000 years ago…it’s a little over due.  When the Yellowstone volcano erupts it could be a civilization ending event.  The entire sky will be full of ash for 2 or 3 years, in effect it will be total crop failure, the world will starve to death.

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Welcome to Lakes of Southern Crossing

This website will be dedicated to the discussion of Earth’s massive forces. In particular, we will be talking about past natural disasters and forces that have shaped the the Earth, and will predicting the initial upcoming disasters and shapely movements that mother nature bestows. It’ll be a crazy ride on this planet in the coming years, join us at Lakes of Southern Crossing for the discussion.